Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving


Anonymous said...


For the first time,you lost me Carl.

Why did Hendry and Santa switch places? Why is Santa insulting Hendry if he's asking him for pitching? Shouldn't he be asking Hendry to let someone else select his pitching for him if he thinks Hendry's skills are lacking?

Love your stuff big time Carl but I think this was a swing and a miss....that brings your career total to...oh,maybe TWO misses.

Anonymous said...

This one made me think, too. But I got, just like all Cub fans Santa's wish is that the Cubs have good pitching. Hendry with the Cubs deep pockets, should be able to grant the wish.

Not a miss, just made me think. Still a fan.

Anonymous said...

Santa's a Cubs fan, duh.

Hendry can fulfill Santa's wish for the Cubs to have pitching. But, Hendry knows so little about scouting that he doesn't know whether Santa's been good or not.

So, Hendry may not have a clue on how to get pitching.

Anonymous said...

The third poster's explanation helped me to understand it better but I also was confused about this one. Looking at it with the explanation it was a lot funnier but I didn't get it at first,either.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out load just at the second box. Who's the one person who has been more generous than Santa? Jim Hendry. That's why Santa is sitting on his lap.

Then Santa asked the same question I have about all of Hendry's moves. Where's the pitching?

Santa isn't necessarily a Cubs fan, he's just asking an objective baseball question about the needs of the Cubs and what Hendry actually got so far.

Well done Carl.

Matt said...

Just like when all those kids or in this case a grown man sits on santas lap and tells him what he wants, santa like any baseball fan has wants from his team... We need pitching, we need a leadoff hitter, we need to sign jason schmidt... then santa insults hendry and the cubs because their scouts stink... Holy jeez i'm confused, frighteningly confusing stuff... Don't dumby down for anybody Carl your stuff is brilliant

No Mercedes said...

You guys, you don’t get it. The cartoon is divided up into four windows. In the first window Santa is discovering his visitor is the one and only “Jim Hendry”. In the second window Santa decides he … for possibly the first time … needs to impress his visitor with HIS wish. Santa wishes, like all of us, that some good pitching comes our way. In the third window Mr. Hendry (trying to mimic Santa) asks “Have you been a good boy?” Santa looks a little perturbed. Santa is always good. After all, he works all year to make toys to give to all the good little girls and boys … doesn’t he? Then, suspecting Jim Hendry’s information might be flawed … asks, “Are your scouting reports written by monkeys?” referring to the obvious lack of good information Hendry acts upon to make decisions.

The storytoon is perfect. Good for Carl.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who said that this one works much better once explained. I am in the "didn't get it" group on this one but still love your stuff Carl!

Anonymous said...

I got it.

However, I do not believe that Santa is a Cubs' fan.