Friday, February 20, 2009

The Lost Episode



Anonymous said...

I love it!

One thing I've learned in my weird job is to never apologize for your own work. Casting doubt on your own creation is the worst thing you can do. Sure, you are your own biggest critic; but sometimes you err by being too tough on yourself.

So, quit apologizing like a sissy, and publish the damn strips...come hell or high water.

I hope the fam emergency has been rectified, with no injuries.


Alex said...

I enjoyed it before reading your caveat. It's a little byzantine in it's route to comprehension; it may not be your best, but I wouldn't count it as your worst--which I'm not too sure I could recall at the moment.

Maybe a critical perusal of your book is in order.

Your worst is probably still better than the best of any comic strip in a newspaper.

Best of luck with all things familial.

tamtam said...

its not so bad, carl. i think the strip is good :)

hope all is now well with you and your family

No Mercedes said...

Usually a bridge has markings on how low you have to be get through. Tough to get under the bridge when you are so high on yourself.

(No more Fresh Nugget?)