Friday, April 23, 2010

Comic Relief



Anonymous said...

LOL, Carl! I thought the same thing when I saw their new arbitrary slogans 'where will you be When' (when? when the Cubs don't make the playoffs?) & 'it's a Way of life' (what? not winning a World Series in 100+ yrs?) I asked my photoshop friend yesterday to do his magic... he's going to take the ad and change the slogans to:

'where wiLL you you be when' and
'it's a way of Life'

The capital 'L's will be loser flags, just like you did in your comic.

Only problem is, with the Sox playing like complete crap right now, I'm gonna have to wait til we're on a winning streak to email the doctored ad to my Cub fan friends!

Anonymous said...

Who's that catcher?? lol