Friday, November 12, 2010




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Anonymous said...

Someone said, "But Jeter only made 6 errors!" Someone else said, "Yeah, but he only got to 7 balls!"

LL Chris K said...

Forget it, Alexei. It's Chi-town.

Thomas said...

Anonymous 2 had it wrong Jeter only got to six balls but made seven errors!!!!
Buster Olney said on a pod cast that when he was a beat writer in San Diego that when the ballots for Gold Glove were passed out a coach said who is a shortstop in the AL and some one else said Derek Jeter and the whole clubhouse voted for him.
No one will win the Gold Glove for SS until he retires.
Jeter is now going to use that to get 50 mil for 4 years from NY!!!!!!

No Mercedes said...

It's ok Alexei, they don't know what they're doing. They gave Mark the right handed pitcher's trophy.