Saturday, August 18, 2012

King of Clubs. For Sale.

Hello. How would you like a little piece of original art?

I have 21 hand-drawn King of Clubs cards ready to sell. These are not prints. I sat down with a brush and ink, and I drew every line. Like a crazy monk! Every one is slightly different.

Only 21 cards exist. They are first-come, first-serve, and hand-numbered and signed by me.

They are 4" x 6", so they fit conveniently in any cheap 4" x 6" frame you have sitting around the house.

Each will be bagged and packed in a chipboard envelope.

They are $14 per piece, plus shipping & tax.


argon3 said...

AJ next!

Sam said...

$14? You're undersellin' yourself, man.

That said, buying one immediately, ha ha. Eeeeeeven though it's the Wrong Sox.

Anonymous said...

Yikes~! Can you please make more? Perhaps, a different player if you don't want to do Paulie again?

I bought one this morning, and wanted to send my cousin one. In the time it took me to get his address (1 hr), you've sold out. Such an awesome idea! Yes, please do some more! Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top?

Anonymous said...

My suggestion for another player is AJ as the joker. Please???? The Paulie card is soooo excellent!

Anonymous said...

a commemorative nancy fasust as the queen of hearts card?