Sunday, March 12, 2017

3 Postcards For Sale

The first 3 collectible cards from the Rent-A-Ricky sketchbook are now available for purchase. Each card is numbered and signed on the back.
  • Orders for 1 card will be sent as a standard postcard through the US Mail. 
  • Orders for multiple cards will be put in envelopes and mailed together. I'll keep my notes on the backs of these cards to a minimum, so you can mail them to friends later.  
  • If you order multiples and you'd like to receive each card as an individually-mailed postcard, please add a note to your paypal order. I will accommodate.

Card #1: Don Rent-A-Ricky.

Card #2: Joe Madonna.

Card #3: Black and White.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're looking forward to holding a small piece of physical art, from my hands to yours. We can't live on the internet forever. 


Kimutai said...

beautiful drawing.

Anita said...

It looks interesting! I like it.